13 April 2009

Back in the Old Town

So.... After a year-long holiday I have managed to stumble back to my home town, Wellington.
.... And my friend inky here, she's just up and gone to Japan for some time, where I just came from. Except she is living in a lovely old towned named Kyoto. I lived in Tokyo.
Wellington is a different city from Tokyo. Obviously.
I have returned to find myself struggling with this faintly familiar concept of knowing the location of every shop and business in the town, and an inability to lose my way. Getting hopelessly lost was one of my talents in Japan. My other talent was shopping. I can't get lost, and this town lacks shops. I need to develop some new skills.
Wellington also differs in its public transport system. Tokyo's public transport is great. Wellington's.... well... you can try it for yourself and see.
I will be writing this blog with inky. Hopefully I can keep it filled with updates on life here.

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